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June 20th fishing report

The fishing is getting red hot!!! Macks, Herring, Pogies, oh my! There is so much much bait in and around southern Maine it amazing! The sand eels have settled into the beaches such as Ferry beach, Hills beach, and pine point. Pogies are stacked up in Casco bay- find the schools in about 30 feet of water and fish below them with live or cut baits. Herring are still in the rivers so the fly guys have been having a blast chasing the fish in skinny water.

As of June 28th-

Water temp: 61

location: Cape Elizabeth

Fly of choice- Guitar Minnow

conventional bait of choice- White paddle tail

The water is clear as ever off the ledges, use it to your advantage- "Bright sky bright fly"

good luck every one, and I will try my best to stay up to date on the report- if i ever come off the water!!

Tight lines,

Capt. Kevin Stone

Dave from Kentucky with a nice fish in the surf from my boat.

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